Safety & Environmental

Communicate & address issues in real-time, analyse trends & enforce standards across all your projects to ensure compliance and reduce risk. 

Safety Findings & Observations

Eliminate the post-safety walk paperwork by recording safety findings and distribute them to relevant parties on the spot with the RDrive mobile app.

Standardise descriptions and lists, add initial and rectification photo fields, severity, completion date or any other fields your team requires for cross-project reporting.

Attach supporting documentation such as videos, photos, drawings and documents.

Assign a responsible party with a due by date.

Analyse observations and contractor performance across all of your projects with a centralised dashboard and individual project dashboards for continual improvement across your business.

Incidents & Near Misses

Capture near-miss, incident & accident records on-site with the RDrive mobile app.

Perfectly digitise your existing process, statutory forms or use our best practise templates to be up and running quickly.

Analyse hazards and root causes to design and initiate corrective and preventive actions.

Automate notifications based on workflow status or field values like severity.

Permit to Work

Digitise your existing permit templates quickly or use our ready to go best practise templates for easy digitalisation. Benefit from real-time reporting and oversight of all outstanding permits.

Real-time notifications of permit requests & approvals with automated assignment at each stage of the process. Digitally sign off in the field using the RDrive mobile app.

Identify hazards, conduct risk assessments with control verification. Ensure Labour on-site are competent & authorised.

Environmental Compliance

Conduct audits in the field with pixel perfect digitalisation. Capture photos, lists, checklists, signatures.

Automate and standardise all environmental reporting. Concentrate on continual improvement instead of spending time on manual reporting.

Easily view photos and follow-up across all of your project. Filter by date, department, descriptions, responsible party or any other metric you need.

Toolbox Meetings

Capture attendees, discussion topics, hazard information, safety checks and much more with the RDrive mobile app.

Use QRCodes to quickly scan attendees and add e-signature fields to verify attendance and compliance.

Link to important activities that are happening that day so that all attendees can easily reference this information in the field during the day using the RDrive mobile app.

Equipment & Machinery

Simplify certification, inspection and management of all the plant & equipment on-site.

Scan QRCodes for Equipment & Machinery to view all documentation, permits and certification. Easily update location and other information as necessary from the RDrive mobile app.

View all of your Plant & Equipment through a real-time dashboard to manage inspections and maintenance centrally.

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