Quality & Defects

Improve efficiency, control quality & reduce risk at scale

Forms & Checklists

Fully digitise your inspection process using pixel perfect A4 forms or e-forms, or choose from our extensive import and go library.

Standardise your process or import your Client or Contractor’s forms to create a colloborative common data environment (CDE).

Work offline but carry all of your project data with you on mobile or tablet.

Attach marked-up drawings, submissions and any other type of documents to specific fields in your process.
Create followup actions with linked issues and forms and easily visualise when all followup actions are complete so that the QA process can be closed.

RDrive makes progress reporting of your QA/QC process real-time. Missing QA checks or documentation are easily identified so there are no hidden surprises.

Guarantee 100% completion of all checks, attach photographic evidence to forms with signatures and sign-off for all criteria of your ITP.

Defect Management

All issues are plotted directly on your drawings digitally for everyone to easily locate and identify them.

Capture multiple high-res photos, categorise and prioritise quickly and easily. Duplicate or clone issues to reduce repetitive date entry.

Carry all of your project data on your smartphone or tablet. The RDrive app works offline during use..

Automatically assign issues to the correct responsible party and automatically assign the issue back to the Main Contractor, Developer or Client for Sign-off.

Issues automatically flow between stakeholders so everyone on the project knows which items they need to action in real-time.

Ensure quality and reduce re-work with efficient real-time automated reporting.

Look at Contractor performance & trends across projects to stamp out quality issues quickly.

Closeout & Commissioning

Raise, monitor and visualise Inspection Requests across projects of any size.

Calculate progress in real-time to identify bottlenecks and holdups as soon as they arise.

Guarantee 100% of your Commissioning Checklists have been completed and all paperwork is in place.

Attach defects to failures and track their completion through customisable dashboards.

Use RDrive’s AI OCR scanner to quickly digitise 100s of checklists if needed or use our extensive library to import and go.

Easily spot missing paperwork during the commissioning process.

Visual % complete progress of the project in real-time and drilldown to see outstanding work.

Use colour-coding and KPIs to keep the project delivery on-track

Site Diary

Fill out detailed site diary information including Activity, Location, Time, Labour Nos, Plant (working vs idol) & Material Delivery.

Use easily updated pre-population templates to take reduce manual data entry from scratch each day.

Plot photos on drawings using the RDrive mobile app to save enormous time logging observations whilst on-site.

Photos are automatically geotagged or located accurately on drawings with annotations and comments.

Any data logged using RDrive is stored in the cloud (clients can opt for self-hosting) and is easily retrieved with the universal search or customisable dashboards.

A unique QR code is given to each piece of site plant and equipment to tether all related information to one place.

Inspections, permits, hiring contracts are all indexed within the project and available whenever you scan the QRCode.

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