Progress Monitoring

RDrive connects developers with contractors, field team with head office, and data with analytics. No more time lost to paperwork, compiling reports and in between communications with subcontractors. From now on, focus solely on building and creating values.

Capture from the site

RDrive integrates seamlessly with a project’s scheduling system. Import the project plan from your current scheduling software, all tasks and activities will be automatically loaded into the web and mobile app.

Capture progress on-site with photos, percentage sliders and hold-points. RDrive ensures each hold-point to be complied before you moving on to the next task.

Monitor from the office

Identify delays early to allow prompt mitigration

Manage and assign activities to subcontractors & teams.

Visualise related task progress high-lighting open / closed issues

Track progress of quality deficiencies and hold-ups

Trusted in the Field

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