Platform Overview

RDrive is designed to monitor the progress of complex projects, providing the easiest way to capture field data, automate reporting and visualise sophisticated analytics.

Capture. Monitor. Analyse.

Forms & Checklists
Defect Management
Closeout  & Commissioning
Site Diaries

Safety Inspections, Audits & Checklists
Safety Meetings & Toolbox Talks
Safety Observations
Real-time progress visualisation
Integrated hold-points
Capture progress or quantity
Integrate the project program
Progress Sliders & Holdpoints
Real-time progress monitoring
EDMS integration
Attach documents to forms & issues
Drag & Drop Files & Folders
Fully customisable
Replace Manual Reporting
Export to PDF, Excel or Word

Real-time E-tracking
Dynamic QRCode / NFC Tag mapping

Field Digitalisation Platform

Combine different modules to digitise any data collection requirement or existing process:

  • 20+ field types to choose from
  • Photos, signatures, dates, lists and many more..
  • Split your process into multiple forms and stages
  • Conditional editing & permissions.
  • Workflows
  • Notifications & Subscriptions
  • Plot on plans / drawings
  • Custom icons & colours
  • 20+ field types to choose from
  • Annotate Photos + Scan QRCodes
  • Custom fields (e-forms)
  • Report Designer
  • Workflows
  • Notifications & Subscriptions
  • Real-time automated reporting
  • Completely customisable
  • Cross-project
  • Drilldown, filter or roll-up data
  • Integrate with external data sources
  • Export to PDF, Excel, Word
  • Drag & Drop files & folders
  • Manage Drawings
  • Unlimited storage & file size
  • Attach documents to forms & issues.

Choose between pixel-perfect forms or e-forms to quickly template the fields you want to capture.

Templates are fully version controlled and centrally managed to aid enforcing standards across your business.

Publish & Go, choose from our library of existing templates with best practise data collection & reporting.

Any data logged using RDrive is stored in the cloud (clients can opt for self-hosting) and can be easily retrieved.

Replace manual reporting with automated real-time reporting customisable to your requirements.


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