SnagR connects developers with contractors, field team with head office, and data with analytics. No more time lost to paperwork, compiling reports and in between communications with subcontractors. From now on, focus solely on building and creating values.

Planning Stage

SnagR integrates seamlessly with a project’s scheduling system. Import the project plan from your current scheduling software, all tasks and activities will be automatically loaded into the SnagR web and mobile app.

Progress Monitoring

Capture progress on-site with photos, percentage sliders and hold-points. SnagR ensures each hold-point to be complied before you moving on to the next task.

Digital forms enable the office to have real-time information

Quality & Site Management

All issues are plotted directly on your drawings digitally for everyone to easily locate and identify them.

Home owners can fill out the forms anytime, anywhere.

Digitised forms and checklists ensure that zero time is lost to physically transporting papers from the site to the office or data-entry. The real-time data can be visualised and analysed immediately from anywhere in the world.

Site Journal

Plot photos on drawings using mobile devices to save enormous time doing routine tasks by logging observations directly on-site. Photos are automatically logged to the specific location to the nearest 1 meter. Annotate and comment on photos to make the data more insightful.

Any data logged using SnagR are stored in the cloud (clients can opt for self-hosting) and can be easily retrieved.

A unique QR code is given to each piece of site plant and equipment to tether all related information to one place.

Safety Management

Eliminate the post-safety walk paperwork by recording safety findings and distribute them to relevant parties on the spot with SnagR mobile app.

Raise and manage NCR easily with all data stored in one document, with drawings, photos, locations and any relevant attachments linked to the report; Check signed-off documentation once corrective action is completed.

Capture data project-by-project and record everything on digitised forms filled out by on-site safety personnel. Record full audit trail for all steps in the process of accident register.

Trusted in the Field

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