Facility Management

RDrive helps your facilities teams effectively manage your asset and facility portfolio. Easily create a centralised asset management system of your existing assets or convert your RDrive project data at completion of the construction phase.  

Proactively manage your assets

Reduce risk, improve quality and save time across your business.

Improve Lifecycle Planning

Simplify and accelerate data capture from the field.


Real-time Analysis

With powerful, insightful dashboards that provide actionable information.


Standardise Process

Version controlled, centrally managed templates make setup quick and easy.

For Asset Owners

RDrive is the ideal tool for Facilities Management professionals seeking to optimize their asset management processes. It functions as a centralized repository for all your asset data, field processes, documents, drawings, and models.

By transitioning to a paperless system with RDrive, you can simplify the management of your assets and reduce the need for extensive email communication. With real-time access to all asset data, you can make well-informed decisions quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your assets are operating at their highest level of performance.

With RDrive, you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited users for your asset management needs. This means that you can invite all relevant stakeholders to the platform, including engineers, vendors, and on-site staff.

By providing access to all stakeholders, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and has access to the necessary information to make informed decisions. This can help to streamline your asset management processes and improve the overall efficiency of your facilities management operations.

RDrive is a powerful digitalisation platform that can be utilised to create a centralised asset management system for your existing assets or to convert your RDrive project data upon completion of the construction phase.

If you have already used RDrive for project management during the construction phase, you can easily convert that data into an asset management system by importing the relevant project data. This can include things like as-built drawings, equipment manuals, warranties, and other relevant documents. By converting your project data into an asset management system, you can easily transition from the construction phase to ongoing asset management, ensuring that your facilities are well-maintained and operating at peak performance.

Capture. Monitor. Analyse.

Forms & Checklists
Works Orders
Proof of Work

Safety Inspections, Audits & Checklists
Environmental Audits
Safety Observations

Real-time progress visualisation
Integrated hold-points
Capture progress or quantity

Location & Condition Tracking
Warranty Management
Certified Maintenance

OEM Manuals 
Warranty Documentation Register
As-Built Drawings

Fully customisable
Replace Manual Reporting
Export to PDF, Excel or Word
Real-time E-tracking
Dynamic QRCode mapping
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