Document Management

Always carry the latest drawings and project documents. Attach documents or marked up drawings to forms and issues ensuring 100% of paperwork has been submitted and approved.

Document Repository - Web

Store all of your project documents in 1-place available to all of the project team.
Fast efficient drag & drop makes it easy to organise and centralise project documents.

Attach documents to your forms and issues of any file type: PDFs, Excel, DWG, RVT, MP4

Mandatory fields means you can guarantee a process isn’t closed without all documentation submitted.

Document Repository - Mobile

Easily manage making documents (any file type) available offline during inspections on your mobile device. Projects can have many GBs of documents, with RDrive you can choose what to cache on your device for offline viewing.

Search for documents in your project document repository to quickly find what you are looking for.

Create a document bundle so that it’s easy for inspection participants to download all of the reference documents for offline viewing before attending.

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