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RDrive connects developers with contractors, the field team with head office, and data with analytics. No more time lost to paperwork, compiling reports and repeat communication with subcontractors. From now on, focus solely on the project.

Transform the Way You Work.

Reduce risk, improve quality and save time across your business.

Easy to Use

Simplify and accelerate data capture from the field.


Real-time Analysis

With powerful, insightful dashboards that provide actionable information.


Standardise Process

Version controlled, centrally managed templates make setup quick and easy.

Capture. Monitor. Analyse.

Forms & Checklists
Defect Management
Closeout  & Commissioning
Site Diaries

Safety Inspections, Audits & Checklists
Safety Meetings & Toolbox Talks
Safety Observations
Real-time progress visualisation
Integrated hold-points
Capture progress or quantity
Integrate the project program
Progress Sliders & Holdpoints
Real-time progress monitoring
EDMS integration
Attach documents to forms & issues
Drag & Drop Files & Folders
Fully customisable
Replace Manual Reporting
Export to PDF, Excel or Word
Real-time E-tracking
Dynamic QRCode mapping

For Main Contractors

RDrive serves as a centralized hub that houses all critical project information, including field processes, documents, drawings, and models, to ensure a Collaborative Single Source of Truth.

With RDrive, you can transition to a paperless system, reduce email lists, and have real-time access to all project data, making project management more efficient.

RDrive offers flexible user management features, allowing you to invite unlimited stakeholders to participate in your project. Whether you need to collaborate with contractors, clients, architects, or consultants, RDrive has got you covered, and there are no extra charges involved.

With RDrive, you can easily control and manage the level of access that each stakeholder has to your project data. You can provide read-only access to some stakeholders, while others can be granted editing rights to specific documents or files.


RDrive offers a streamlined Handover process that simplifies the transfer of project data and documentation to clients. This process ensures that project completion is seamless, efficient, and hassle-free.

With RDrive, you can easily manage all aspects of Handover and Defect Management, allowing you to keep track of outstanding issues and resolve them quickly. RDrive’s intuitive interface makes it easy to manage project data and ensures that all stakeholders have access to the information they need, when they need it.

RDrive’s Quality and Safety management feature ensures that all your projects meet the required quality and safety standards. With RDrive, you can maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of all quality and safety-related information, including inspections, audits, and incident reports.

The digital oversight provided by RDrive helps reduce the risk of errors and accidents, improving the overall safety of your projects. The system provides real-time notifications and alerts to keep you informed of any potential safety or quality issues, enabling you to take prompt action to resolve them.

For Contractors

As a sub-contractor, it’s crucial to maintain consistent quality and safety standards across all projects. We’ve made this process easy for you by providing a central library of templates that you can use to standardize your processes and delivery.

Our library includes templates for quality and safety management that you can easily access and use. By using these templates, you can ensure that your work adheres to the highest quality and safety standards.

In some cases, your client may have control over the project data. In such instances, you can export and import the templates from our library into your client’s RDrive project. This ensures that you maintain consistency in your work while adhering to your client’s data control requirements.

By utilising our central library of templates, you can streamline your quality and safety management processes, ensuring that you deliver high-quality work consistently across all projects.

Our real-time project status updates give you access to critical information, including the status of outstanding work, safety, and guarantee. By accessing this information, you can quickly identify any issues or potential risks and take corrective action to address them.

Missing paperwork can cause delays, additional costs, and rework. With our real-time project status updates, you can ensure that all necessary paperwork is in place, eliminating the risk of missing evidence / documentation and minimising the potential for errors.

With digital oversight, you can significantly reduce risk and improve project delivery. Our platform provides you with the tools you need to ensure that every project meets the highest quality and safety standards, allowing you to deliver exceptional results that meet or exceed client expectations.

Streamline Handover and Defect Management of your projects to your Client. RDrive provides you with a comprehensive solution for managing project handovers and defects, making the process fast, efficient, and hassle-free.

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