Document Management with RDrive

We were looking for an effective way to manage our documents, and RDrive provided the perfect solution.

Improved Collaboration and Communication

Before implementing Rdrive, we faced significant challenges in finding a centralised location to store and manage our documents efficiently.

Discovering RDrive through our company owner was a game-changer for us. Since we started using Rdrive, our document control processes have improved dramatically. It
has streamlined our workflow, allowing us to send documents to consultants for status updates seamlessly.

We can now maintain proof of when documents were sent and received, which has greatly enhanced our quality control procedures. This level of traceability was something we lacked before and has made a significant difference in our operations.

One of the standout features of RDrive is the ease of uploading documents. This functionality has saved us a considerable amount of time and effort, making our document management tasks much simpler and more efficient.

Additionally, the support from the Rdrive team has been exemplary. Whenever we encounter an issue or need something added, there is always someone available to assist us. Their willingness to go above and beyond to help has been invaluable.

RDrive has also played a crucial role in improving our collaboration and communication within
the team. With all documents being easily accessible and traceable, we can keep better track of where documents are, what is overdue or outstanding, and how many documents we have. This transparency has facilitated better project management and coordination among team members.

We have recommended RDrive to others in our industry, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Colleagues have found it very easy to use, which speaks volumes about its user-friendly design.

Overall, RDrive is one of the easiest and most effective systems we have used. Its impact on our document management and quality control processes has been
profound, and we are grateful for the ongoing support from the RDrive team.

Maisie McGinley – Document Controller at GW

Customer Snapshot

Customer: Grant Walker Engineering

Project Type: Engineering

Location: London, UK

Trusted in the Field

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