SnagR HK @ Build4Asia Expo 2024

The SnagR HK office proudly participated in the Build4Asia 2024 expo. This year’s expo, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, was well attended, and our booth was among the most popular attractions.

Our team showcased our proof of concept app developed for the Apple Vision Pro. 
The Apple Vision Pro, with its advanced augmented reality (AR) capabilities, demonstrates the future possibilities for how RDrive with AR can enhance project management through immersive technology.
Visitors to our booth experienced firsthand the potential of our Apple Vision Pro app. The app demonstrates efficiently placing defects in 3D space, and hands free filling in of inspection forms and documents.
The BIM mode demonstrates how being able to overlay the project BIM model onto the real-world environment through AR, you can instantly visualise discrepancies between the planned construction and the current state of the project.

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