API Integration

RDrive is the most futuristic field digitalisation platform. Being able to access and leverage the data captured in the field is central to unlocking your data and maximising the return on investment.

Every feature & action in RDrive is API based and can therefore be integrated or automated.

Fully Open API

Plan and test your integration inside our live documentation. Implemented using the OpenAPI standard means the swagger json file can be injected for instant connectivity and exploration.

Choose between the optimised denormalized BI (Business Intelligence) APIs perfect for Tableau or PowerBI integrations or our full RESTful APIs for all system entities for a tighter integration with your other systems.

User login & API authentication tokens are implemented with a straightforward OAuth2 implementation using x-www-formurlencoded.

Use the RDrive API to push data into the project. This could be seed data to create forms or issues in the project ready integrated with your other systems, assets or datasets or push works order type workflows into the RDrive project.

Trusted in the Field

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